Unfortunately, we have had to cancel literally dozens of orders due to a massive switch in our website architecture that is happening this week in conjunction with a massive inventory assessment in our distribution center which has effectively shut down our ability to fill orders from that center causing us to rely on our store locations to fill orders while this is taking place. However, our store locations do not carry 100% of the items that our distribution center does, so our inventory is temporarily limited. The transition to the new site and inventory will be over after this week and we will be running full steam and then some after that. The reason we cannot hold the orders and then fill them is tied in with the laws surrounding our ability to "capture" credit card payments. We have to be able to take the order, process it, ship it and complete the payment information in a certain amount of time before we lose our authority to bill the card. I hope that explains things a little better. It's a pretty massive undertaking which we anticipate will make for a much better online shopping experience for everyone after it is complete.